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Student Success Story: Nhlakanipho – From Unemployed to Junior Developer

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Nhlakanipho felt a deep sense of hopelessness. He had been unemployed for a prolonged period of time and was lost on how to escape his current situation. 

“I was unemployed and dissatisfied with everything. I was depressed and had no hope of a better future.”

But he knew he had a passion for programming. With a keen interest and intrigue, Nhlakanipho decided to start looking up ways to learn how to code. He says:

“I wanted to develop skills for an in-demand job because I know that most companies need programmers.”

Nhlakanipho enrolled in HyperionDev’s Software Engineering Bootcamp and chose to study full-time online. 

Cultivating a skill for code

Nhlakanipho approached his course and each task with determination. As he progressed through each task, his passion and energy reignited. The more work he completed, the better his knowledge base and skills became, and the more confident he felt. He says:

“The final projects changed my perspective and made me realize what I am capable of if I put my mind to it.”

HyperionDev’s expert code review on every piece of code he wrote only fuelled his newfound passion. He says:

“The code review really took my coding to a new level. It’s the same process that happens in the industry.”

With personal support and a curriculum that stimulated his desire to learn and natural curiosity for code, Nhlakanipho was destined to succeed as a HyperionDev graduate.

Entering the working world

When Nhlakanipho completed his bootcamp, he joined the HyperionDev Graduate Programme and received assistance from our career guidance team. He says:

“I received a lot of support from the team, especially Fika, who was always available to advise me. I’d like the thank her for that.”

The team helped Nhlakanipho set up an industry-aligned and job-ready CV and Linkedin Portfolio. To help him prepare as he entered the working world, Nhlakanipho did mock interviews with the careers team too. He says:

“I was able to highlight my skills and passions by helping set up an extensive LinkedIn account and CV.”

Soon, Nhlakanipho was sought out on Linkedin, and it was time to attend a real interview. Although he was nervous, his skills and confidence going into it enabled him to jump any hurdles and pass the test. 

“There were some questions that made me sweat in my boots, so I had to apply some of the skills that I got from the career service to approach the question in depth.”

Onwards and upwards

Today, Nhlakanipho is a Junior Developer at Whozhoo. He is happy in his new position, enjoying the abundance of work in the lucrative tech industry, and earning more than he expected. He says:

“My dream job was made possible through the course because it grew my potential and provided me with the skills to do it”

Nhlakanipho hopes to grow within his new company and has eyes on becoming a Senior Developer. In the next five years, he hopes to establish his own cybersecurity company. 

For budding coders and programmers that don’t know where to start, Nhlakanipho has some simple advice:

“Start at HyperionDev – you will thank me later.”


If you feel inspired by Nhlakanipho’s story and feel ready to embark on your own journey toward a fulfilling career in the tech industry, consider registering with HyperionDev here.

 Who knows, your success story may be next.