Student Success Story: Robin – From Student to Full Stack Developer

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Robin Titus held a degree in finance. After receiving his BCom Investment Management degree from the University of Pretoria, he enrolled in an advanced finance course. However, after spending his spare time learning code by himself, he soon realised that programming is where his real passion lies. 

“I came to the realisation that I was actually more interested in tech than in finance. While studying for that course, I spent my free time coding an app as a hobby by following YouTube tutorials. I eventually decided to withdraw from that course and switch to tech.”

Robin wanted a complete career change and a chance to fortify his future. He applied for a software development position but was recommended to complete a course first. That’s when he discovered HyperionDev. 


And the online learning began

Robin enrolled in HyperionDev’s Software Engineering Bootcamp, studying online full-time. He completed his course with determination, zeal, and perseverance. 

Soon, Robin was able to make the career change he worked so hard to achieve. He says:

“The HyperionDev Bootcamp helped me develop and curate applicable skills in a manner that is in-demand and relevant to the tech industry. This particular bootcamp also allowed me to change career paths much sooner than I anticipated.”

Having developed the skills and techniques required to enter the industry with confidence and adopt a solution-driven and problem-thinking mindset, Robin was able to land his new job with ease. 

He is now employed as a Full-stack Developer at EasyCrypto.


The Graduation Programme and Career Support

Robin was able to create an industry-aligned and relevant CV and portfolio with help from the bootcamp’s applications. He says:

“During the Bootcamp, some of the career-related tasks were quite helpful (i.e. using Git to create an online GitHub portfolio and the task related to creating a tech-specific CV).”

But it was his new certification from HyperionDev that allowed him to seal the deal. As Robin says:

“When I connected with a former university friend on LinkedIn, he saw that I completed my HyperionDev Bootcamp and told me about the role.”

Robin was even able to display his skill set and talent due to one of the tasks during the bootcamp. His newly developed app helped elevate his success. He says:

“I made an app which I called Table4. It is available to download on both the App and Play store. Basically, if you are with a large group at a restaurant (where more than one person is going to pay the bill), you can use this app to split the bill (among the people paying).”

The next step

Now, Robin has his eyes set on the future. He has big plans to become an application and software developer rooted in achievement in the next five years. 


“I would like to have published a commercialised app. One that I could actually run as a business.”

But what has given him such confidence and determination? HyperionDev’s Software Engineering Bootcamp equipped him with the necessary tools to take on the tech world. Robin says:

“I now have in-demand tech skills and the ability to make any kind of app I can imagine. I saw a tweet that said, “Learning to code is like learning magic”. I agree.”

Robin’s advice for budding programmers and coders is one cemented in both honesty and positivity. 


“I did not know how things would work out when I decided to make the change, but I have no regrets today. And most people in the tech industry are very friendly. I really enjoy the atmosphere at the company I am currently working at.”


If you feel inspired by Robin’s story and would like to journey into the fulfilling tech industry yourself, start your journey with HyperionDev here. Who knows, your success story may be next.