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Student Success Story: Rudolph – From Sales Executive to Data Scientist

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Rudolph Visagie was unfulfilled in his role as a sales executive. He knew his passions lay elsewhere but didn’t know how to begin the search to find what he truly wanted to do in life. While working a full-time job, Rudolph completed a programming degree through UNISA. He enjoyed the basic concepts the course provided, but he didn’t feel confident enough to enter the working world as a developer yet. He wanted more. That’s when he decided to join HyperionDev. He says:

“My previous job wasn’t in my field of interest and was mainly a way of financing my studies through UNISA. The role did not have many growth or upskilling opportunities other than being promoted to a more senior position. I had a rough idea that I wanted to go into tech, I just wasn’t sure exactly what until I came across HyperionDev and tried out the Data Science Bootcamp. After the trial, I decided that the course was the way to move forward.”

Taking steps toward success

Rudolph enrolled in HyperionDev’s Data Science Bootcamp, studying part-time online. He still worked a full-time job, but the ease and flexibility of the course schedule allowed him to complete the tasks in the time that suited him best. He says:

“The nice thing about studying this part-time is that I could work on this when I had the time at night and over weekends. The lessons were simple to follow and understand, helping me gain the knowledge that I would need to solve problems and helping me learn at a relatively quick rate.”

Rudolph excelled in his course work, approaching every task and challenge with determination and a keen interest in learning more. Soon enough, he completed his bootcamp with flying colours. What Rudolph really found valuable and unique about HyperionDev’s offering was the focus on practicality. He says:

“[I enjoyed] the simplicity of the theory and how quick it was to work through. Some concepts in this course are explained within a couple of lessons compared to an entire semester in a university course/module.”

Paving a way for a new career

When he became a HyperionDev graduate, Rudolph joined the Graduate Programme and garnered assistance from the HyperionDev Career Service Team. After reviewing and refining his CV and cover letter and training him for the real world with mock interviews, the Career Service Team sent him an email with the details of a potential job position.

With a professional and industry-ready portfolio on GitHub, as well as an abundant pool of knowledge and skill, Rudolph was able to land the job. He now works as a Data Scientist for Brandbook, earning his expected salary. He says:

“The course helped me fast track myself into a data science position. The course is set up in such a way that it focuses on realistic problems that you would need to solve in the work environment. This way of learning helped me in the technical interview to stand out from the other candidates and thus ensured that I got the offer over the other people.”

Continuing the journey

In the next five years, Rudolph hopes to expand his skillset and eventually become a manager. He says:

“I would ideally pick up as much information and knowledge as possible within the next couple of years and then eventually start running teams below me.”

He continues to be happy and fulfilled in his current job role and thanks HyperionDev for setting him on his course toward sustainable success. For those considering a career in code, Rudolph says this:

“Learning to code is hard work and takes time to start thinking like a programmer. The basics are the building blocks to start doing more complex things. You will never stop learning because there are always new technologies being released.”


If you feel inspired by Rudolph’s story and feel ready to embark on your own journey toward a fulfilling career in the tech industry, consider registering with HyperionDev here.

 Who knows, your success story may be next.