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Student Success Story: Simphiwe – From Student to IT Systems & Full-Stack Web Developer

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On the hunt to develop real-world, practical skills to propel him forward in his career, Simphiwe found HyperionDev’s Immersive Bootcamp. He always knew he would find a career path in the tech industry, so Simphiwe signed up for a full-time online student position and zealously completed his course in a few months. Now, Simphiwe is finally doing the job he has always dreamed of. But let’s look back on his journey to getting there.


Simphiwe started his educational expedition studying engineering. However, after graduating, he wished to equip himself with practical tools to join the tech industry. Having been a tech enthusiast for as long as he can remember, Simphiwe found HyperionDev’s IT System and Full-Stack online bootcamp and knew it was the direction he needed to take. 


“I’ve had an interest in technology, coding and programming from a very young age. I used to tinker with any computer or digital device I could get my hands on. After doing a college engineering course, I was looking for an educational institution where I could acquire practical, real-world skills in software and web development. I stumbled across HyperionDev’s website while browsing the net. It was just what I was looking for: an institution that offered skills-centred courses in software and web development. After doing a lot of background research about HyperionDev and the type of education they provided, I was sure that it was the path I wanted to take.”

While engineering certainly helped shape his mindset and sculpt a strong path in technology, Simphiwe knew he had to delve deeper into the realm of computers and coding to gain an invaluable skillset that would be a catalyst for a successful future. 


“Through my course, I had the amazing opportunity of exploring a variety of technologies used in software and web development. This enriched my understanding and comprehension of programming concepts that were sometimes difficult to grasp and apply. I developed a greater capacity to learn and explore other technologies.”

Simphiwe soaked up as much as he could during his full-time Bootcamp experience. Not only did he receive hands-on, immersive skills, but he also gained personal confidence and empowerment. With his knowledge, portfolio, and industry know-how, he was able to access and apply to competitive positions. Not only did he apply for jobs, but he also got offers too. Today, Simphiwe works as a full-stack application developer. 


“The tech skills I’ve gained from my Bootcamp have been useful at every stage of the development process. I often refer back to my Bootcamp notes and the projects I’ve worked on during the Bootcamp to help me solve some of the problems I come across while working. The understanding of programming concepts that I have gained has also helped improve my communication skills, which is very important when working in a team.”

Simphiwe says that the HyperionDev Graduate Program and Code Review helped him both with his interview and job position going forward. But his journey isn’t over yet. In the next five years, Simphiwe hopes to further his education and become a senior member of a tech firm. 


“In years to come, I see myself as a senior developer fulfilling a tech lead role. I would also love to be part of an exciting startup project at some point in my career.”

Simphiwe holds a positive outlook on the future of tech. He encourages budding coders and programmers to chase their dreams. It’s never too late to start. 


“There’s never been a better time to start a career in software development. There’s a healthy level of competition in the job market, high demand for developers and plentiful opportunities all over the world.”


This software and web development course helps students succeed

If you feel inspired by Simphiwe’s story and would like to journey into the fulfilling tech industry yourself, start your journey with HyperionDev here. Who knows — your success story may be next.