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Student Success Story: Vanessa – From Mathematics student to Software Engineer

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Vanessa was once a mathematics student, who wanted her love for problem-solving to answer to a higher purpose. She decided to reimagine her career path and join HyperionDev’s online Software Engineer Bootcamp part-time, to propel her toward an entirely new and promising future. Let’s explore her journey in making a 180° turnaround from super-smart student to supreme software success.


Vanessa recognised that a part-time bootcamp would coincide with her work schedule. She was happy to stay on track with her day-to-day obligations and learn an exciting new skill.

“I wanted to earn a better salary – I was looking for a complete career change. I wanted to develop skills for an in-demand job, because I know that most companies need programmers. I wanted to work remotely – I love the idea of being able to control my time and being able to work from wherever I want. I wanted to travel, and I know that with my programming skills, I would have a lot of work opportunities overseas.”

Vanessa felt that her analytical thinking would not in itself benefit her as far as making a living goes, but that in coupling it with a software engineering skillset, she could help unleash her full potential.

“I wanted to have some object-oriented coding experience before my job interview because this is ultimately how software systems are built. The bootcamp yielded exactly that!”

Vanessa progressed through her bootcamp, benefitting from the code review provided and took an interest in version control. After seeking employment on LinkedIn, Vanessa found a vacancy and secured a role as a software engineer at Entelect. She has added a new understanding of the Spring Boot and Angular frameworks to her skillset and has learned how to build a database. She was happy to have improved on what she was earning in her capacity before entering the tech industry.

“I hope to become a great software engineer who is able to read multiple people’s code and collaborate well with a team when working on the same code base.”

Having shaken her imposter syndrome, Vanessa is now setting her sights on becoming a technical team lead. In successfully finding her place in the world of code, she now has the wisdom to impart that may add value to your story going forward.

“It truly is worth it! It may seem very daunting and scary, and at times it will be hard, but it’s so worth it for how relevant your skillset will be – you will never be out of demand, and you will always be able to negotiate your salary because you won’t be stuck in one place!”

Vanessa believes possibilities are endless in using code to make the world a better place, curing cancer or addressing world hunger.


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