David Miller - From Sound Engineer to Developer

David Miller – From Sound Engineer to Developer

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Tell us a bit about yourself & your current occupation.

My name is David ‘Kenneth’ Miller aka ‘Humorous'”’Dangerous Dave’ or ‘Kenni’. I was the first twin born at City Park hospital in 1984, so that makes me 33 years old. I grew up on the Atlantic Seaboard in Camps Bay and Fresnaye. I was fortunate enough to attend Camps Bay Primary and High school. which gave me access to the ocean and the beautiful beaches. I’m super sporty, being a huge Golf, bodyboarding and outdoorsman. Regularly doing mountain hikes and runs.

When I finished school, I decided to study  Sound Engineering at Cape Audio college, after which I pursued a career in Music. I taught myself how to Dj and eventually became a  producer so I could produce my own music and play it live. My D J name is ‘Humorous’  also my alias. I have had the pleasure of traveling all around South Africa and abroad for the past 12 years and I really enjoyed it.

I also own a company called “Video Image Technologies” which rents out film gear to the film Industry and hires me as a technician.


Why did you take a coding course (are you looking to up-skill or start a new career?) 

I took an interest in coding and development about a year ago the reason being is that I wanted to design my own platforms so I could change the direction of my career path, up my skills and travel more.


 How did you hear about Hyperion?

I heard about Hyperion via Digital Portal.


Which Hyperion course/learning path did you or are you currently taking and why? 

The ‘Full Stack Web Developer Course’ is the course I decided to enroll in.

The reason why is that it offers an all-around perspective to the in/outs of coding, not to mention that “Sobane Motlomelo ” helped me make up my mind. He is a great motivator!

How has/is the course helped/helping you so far towards your career goals and objectives.

 I’m super glad that I took the jump and decided to get involved as it keeps me interested/excited. I reckon paying for something is always better than getting it for free because it keeps you focused, motivated and hungry to do more and your best. It’s definitely a lifestyle change and has helped me stay consistent/persistent towards becoming a ‘full stack developer” and creating a future that is looking bright.

At Hyperion, we believe that Machines cannot replace Humans, especially when it comes to education. Has/Is the current setup of our courses and 1:1 mentorship beneficial to you? 

Investing in yourself is one thing but having a mentor as well as a bonus and a must. I know I can ask questions when I don’t understand anything and my mentor can explain whatever I don’t understand as I work. Having someone to answer you about a certain problem is the best thing since sliced cheese ‘haha’. (The course is structured well and well organised 🙂


What aspects of the course did you/are you enjoying and what would you like to see in future courses?

I’m enjoying everything so far and reckon a monthly get together lunch to chat about progress would be great. It would be great if I could meet my mentor in person and other people who are doing the course, as it feels like I’m being supported when I need it.


Any other comments and/or advice to prospective students?

Self-motivation, and hungry to do more than is prescribed in the course, is the name of the game!

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