The Programming Language behind most applications – it’s Java

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Java is a popular programming language.

A programming language is similar to a human language – like English or French – but it is used to communicate with computers. Software developers, also sometimes known as coders or programmers, write computer software in programming languages to tell a computer what to do.

The computer software written in Java can do a range of things. For example, the website you’re reading right now could be built using Java. A programmer can write Java code to implement the logic that tells a computer system (in this case, this website) to show you this article when you come to this link on your web browser.

But Java is even more versatile – it can be used to build mobile applications. For example, if you have an Android phone – many of the mobile apps you use every day such as Uber or Facebook Messenger rely on Java code written by software developers to function.


Mobile apps make organising the important things in your life so much easier
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Just like human languages, there are many different types of programming languages. Some examples of other languages include Python, C++, and C#. Just like human languages, each coding language has its quirks, advantages, and disadvantages.

For example, C++ is considering ‘harder’ to learn than Python or Java. But C++ is more efficient – you can get a computer to do more with fewer ‘words’ of the language. Think about some human languages and how they differ in this way too!

There are many coding programs - Java is arguably superior


So what can you do if you know ‘how to talk Java?’. You can become a software developer – one of the hottest careers internationally right now. With a bit of practice with Java, you’ll be able to build everything from mobile applications to websites to even your own Artificial Intelligence.

Anyone can learn to code in Java. One of the best ways to learn Java part-time is to take an online course in it. Companies such as Hyperion offer introductory to advanced mentor-led Java courses.