The Top 10 Skills in Demand in South Africa Today Are Tech Based – Are You in the Right Field?

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In an age with so much competition in the job market, it is so important to equip yourself with the “right” skills in an evolving environment, particularly in the field of technology and information technology. According to Career Junction’s recent report, the demand for tech professionals has increased by 13% since the start of 2015. With an influx of applications in October every year, the need to diversify and position yourself in the job arena is essential for landing a position in the new year.


Careers24 has done some research and the result of what the “right” skills are is almost expected but still very interesting. Due to the stronghold tech firms have on the world, it is no surprise that 9 out of the 10 most in-demand skills for 2016 are related to tech based professions. Although there are variations in demand for jobs every year, data suggest that these tech skills will be needed across all industries for many years to come, so learning these skills will allow for career longevity.


According to Careers24, these are the 10 most in demand skills in South Africa:

1.       Statistical Analysis and Data Mining

2.       Java Development

3.       Network and Information Security

4.       Mobile Development

5.       Perl / Python / Ruby

6.       User Interface Design

7.       Middleware and Integration Software

8.       Web Architecture and development Framework

9.       Mac, Linux and Unix Systems

10.     Public Policy and International Relations


These are high paying professions (due to this increased demand) and ensure a long successful career, so why are there still so many vacancies in these positions? The answer to this is generally that there are not enough people with the necessary skills to enter this particular profession. This could be due to issues of accessibility, misconceptions of the field’s difficulty, and lack of resources.


The largest misconception about computer science is that only a specific group of people are suited to become software developers, as if this profession has been reserved for people with pale skin and thick glasses. This is not at all true. Putting people in boxes only limits their potential. This misconception about computer science and IT has held so many people back from a promising career in a market that truly needs these sorely missed skills.

Source: Google

Due to these results, we have found the best institutions in each sector of computer science education, to help you find the best way to acquire these valuable skills:


University: University of Pretoria

College: Damelin, Intec College, CTI

Online: Hyperion Development



The University of Pretoria engineering faculty has been ranked in the top 1% globally by International Science Index’s Essential Science Indicators. Falling within this faculty is the department of Computer Science, with the only A rated professor in Africa teaching the degree. This Bsc Computer Science qualification takes place over a period of three years, and students study the course full-time.  This faculty is renowned for its modern and state of the art equipment, attracting many students annually.


Damelin has a legacy of educating top students for over 70 years, and is an accredited institution with 17 campuses countrywide. It has a well-equipped Information Technology department that offers a Diploma in Information Technology that spans a period of three years, as well as a few short courses, completed on either a full-time or part time basis.


Hyperion Development is an online education solution for students and professionals alike to upskill in various computer science fields. Endorsed by Google, Facebook and Cambridge University, these bootcamps and part-time courses can be completed over a 3-6 month period, and may be the pivotal step in taking your career to the next level. Designed to make you a specialist in a CS field in a short space of time,these courses are ideal for newcomers, working professionals and students alike. The high demand for these skills means that once you’ve completed a course (or more!), your placement in a top tech position is almost completely guaranteed!



The future is here now and you need to evolve with it. Learn these “right” skills and become a sought after candidate in the tech industry, and set yourself apart from the rest by becoming a specialist in your chosen Computer Science field. Interested in boosting your career in these skills? Browse Hyperion’s range of part time, online & face to face courses.