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The University of Manchester extends partnership with coding bootcamp provider HyperionDev after successful initial collaboration

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The University of Manchester is delighted to announce the extension of its partnership with HyperionDev, one of the largest global providers of online coding bootcamps.

This collaboration aims to bridge the widening tech skills employment gap in the UK, building on the success achieved during the pilot phase. The partnership aligns with the University’s ambition to deliver lifelong flexible learning that is inclusive, accessible and international, preparing graduates for an increasingly digital world that demands agility, creativity, and digital proficiency – and becoming a learning partner for life.

During the first phase of the partnership, HyperionDev has successfully supported learners in levelling up their careers through the Department for Education (DfE) Skills Bootcamps initiative. These bootcamps, encompassing data science, software engineering, and full-stack web development, offer learners the opportunity to acquire essential coding skills and a chance to obtain a non-degree certificate from The University of Manchester and HyperionDev.

In the next phase of the partnership, HyperionDev will continue to work with The University of Manchester to further improve access to these bootcamps, and to support the University in its mission to upskill learners at large and close the widening tech skills-gap. All interested students regardless of their professional background, prior tech knowledge or employment status can now enrol for any of the bootcamps.

For learners, these bootcamps have made a real impact in allowing them to transition or progress in their careers. One participant said: “This comprehensive skill set is essential for any data scientist, and I am proud to have acquired these skills through the bootcamp”, while another commented that: “This has been an enriching experience that has enabled me to enhance my existing skills and acquire new ones.”

Professor Danielle George, Associate Vice President, Blended and Flexible Learning at The University of Manchester, expressed her delight about the extended partnership. She said: “It is amazing to see how many learners have benefitted from participating in the bootcamps to boost their careers over the past six months. Our ambition at The University of Manchester is to nurture partnerships such as the one with HyperionDev, allowing us to be responsive to emerging learner and employer needs.

“This collaboration is already making a significant contribution in addressing the national digital skills gap and aligns with our commitment to prepare learners for an increasingly digital and interconnected world.”

“This collaboration is already making a significant contribution in addressing the national digital skills gap.”

Associate Vice President for Blended and Flexible Learning, Professor Danielle George

The three newly launched online coding bootcamps represent The University of Manchester and HyperionDev’s commitment to providing exceptional coding education to individuals worldwide.

Riaz Moola, founder and CEO of HyperionDev, added: “Through our partnership with The University of Manchester, we take a significant step towards bridging the tech skills gap in the UK, as it is becoming increasingly evident that proficiency in data skills holds significance not only for businesses but also for individuals. Individuals who possess a level of understanding in data are more inclined to reap advantages from and actively participate in the ever-expanding realms of data-intensive settings that envelop their personal and professional lives.

“We look forward to generating positive outcomes for all involved as I strongly believe that accessible tech education is the future of upward social mobility for tens of thousands of people across the globe.”

HyperionDev’s programming bootcamps, typically completed within three to six months, cater to individuals from diverse backgrounds, empowering them to become proficient developers by learning programming key languages and building useful tech projects. Each student receives access to personalised code review and human mentorship to guide their level of expertise and career support to advise them on future professional development and positioning themselves for this online.

For more information about The University of Manchester and HyperionDev partnership and the online programmes offered, please visit our website.