top sites for programming questions

Top 10 sites for programming questions

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Learning to code is difficult – it can also be lonely. Coding students will go through a number of psychological stages, states The Footnotes, a career portal website. These include: The Honeymoon (the first magical introduction to coding), The Cliff of Confusion (when you start getting stuck and need help), The Desert of Despair (you’re really stuck – this can be a fairly long stage), and The Upswing (when things start coming together). Bearing this in mind, we’ve listed the 10 top sites for programming questions that may come up during these phases. Link up with other developers to get answers to your questions or the support you need to carry on programming.


  1. Stack Overflow

This is a great place to start. The site attracts over 50 million developers on a monthly basis. Ask your programming questions here and you’re almost guaranteed that a helpful developer will come along and help you out. The site hosts questions concerning multiple programming languages, platforms and services. The top languages covered include JavaScript, Java, C# and PHP. There’s an up-vote system to ensure answers arrive quickly, as well as are moderated efficiently.


  1. Reddit Programming

Bookmark this site for your coding questions. Make sure to read the FAQs before submitting a post – many questions have been asked and answered before. There are also other Reddit communities you could check out including AndroidDev or SoftwareEngineering.


  1. Quora

This is a Q&A site on any topic. The good thing about Quora is that many of the responses are from experts; however, the site deals with a vast range of topics and not just those related to coding and software development. After you’ve signed up, you can either ask or answer questions.


  1. Experts Exchange

This paid site hosts a team of highly-acclaimed technology experts, available 24/7. “Whether disaster comes in the form of a small issue or an enterprise outage, get online help from expert consultants who are ready to provide fast, actionable solutions for each and every problem,” states the site.


  1. Stack Exchange

This is a Q&A community where users vote on posts to ensure that the more helpful answers are easier to find. It consists of 133 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, mentioned above, Software Engineering, Game Development, etc.


  1. CodeProject

With over 3.5 million users each month, including employees of companies like Microsoft, Sun, Oracle, and more, CodeProject prides itself on bringing “industry and the developer community together”. The site includes separate forums focussing on programming languages, development platforms and web services. It also features articles, beginners’ tutorials, discussion boards, the lounge (for members only), the newsletter and community services.


  1. CodeRanch

This is a great resource if you’re a newbie programmer. Here you can learn the basics of Java, Android and iOS programming – as well as many other topics. The site includes categories like “recent topics”, “hot topics” and “best topics”.


  1. Google Groups

This service from Google offers multiple communities where people with similar interests can congregate and discuss issues. You can even create your own group based on your specific programming interests.


  1. FindNerd

Featuring a tech Q&A section as well as an opportunity to find projects, Nerd Digest offers advice on a wide variety of issues such as UI Design and UX, Software Engineering, SEO and Business Intelligence, etc.


  1. Dream.In.Code

This online community for programmers and web developers has over 650 000 users. Members have access to thousands of programming tutorials, code snippets, forum topics, and more.


In conclusion, we’ve listed the 10 top sites for programming questions. If you’re keen for more support while learning to program, consider enrolling on a HyperionDev bootcamp in Full Stack Web Development, Data Science or Software Engineering. You can also trial one of these courses for free.