2020 US Web Developer Salaries

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Before switching careers, you want to be 100% sure your new career will offer you everything you want. That could well include a better take-home salary. If you’re thinking of becoming a web developer, then the good news is that salaries are looking pretty good in the US in 2020. Before taking a closer look at 2020 US Web Developer salaries, here’s a quick reminder of common web developer tasks. These include the following:

  • Test and document software for web sites.
  • Work with designers and people who produce content.
  • Write, modify, and debug software for web sites.
  • Write code to generate web pages, access databases and business logic servers.

2020 US Web Developer Salaries 

In the US, according to Indeed, web developers can expect to make an average annual salary of $76,271 (this estimate is based on 3,792 anonymously-submitted salaries to the site).

Of course experience is going to play a large part in determining the size of your salary, but the range is generally between $35,000 and $89,000. Here’s how it pans out. Entry-level web developers (less than 5 years experience), according to PayScale, can expect an average annual salary of $50,137. Those with mid-career experience (5-10 years) will receive an average compensation of $56,374, whereas an experienced web developer (10-20 years of experience) could pull down $70,258 per annum. And if you have more than 20 years experience, your salary should be in the region of $76,396.

US Web Developer salaries 2020

Glassdoor, which conducts millions of anonymous salary reports, released their US Web Developer salaries updated 2020 figures. Web developers’ average pay amount was $68,524. More impressive was the salary range, which shows that time and experience add up to significant growth in your earning potential: growing from around $44,000 on the lowest end, up to $111,000 in the highest earning brackets. According to Payscale, programmers in their mid-career stage have seen an 11% increase in their earning potential since last year, with late-career web development specialist salaries skyrocketing at a 29% increase on 2019’s pay figures. 

2020 US Web Developer Salaries: Highest-Paying Companies

Unsurprisingly, the highest-paying companies in the US for web developers include the following:

  1. Amazon ($96,000)
  2. Wells Fargo Bank ($92,000)
  3. Velir ($84,000)

2020 US Web Developer Salaries: Top Cities

According to Zippia, the best paying cities for web developers are the metropolitan areas of  Framingham, Massachusetts; Seattle, Washington; and San Francisco, California. The top five places to look for a high-paying web developer job in the states haven’t changed much since our report last year, with the 2019 Top Cities merely exchanging places on the rankings.

  1. San Jose, California: $107,500
  2. San Francisco, California: $97,400
  3. Framingham, Massachusetts: $95,350
  4. Seattle, Washington: $91,740
  5. Austin, Texas: $76,580 

Also, interestingly, web development ranked 3rd in US New & World Report’s Top 10 Tech Jobs in the US. It also ranked 23rd in the Top 100 Best Jobs in the U.S. News & World Report’s 2020 job rankings table. Guess which job came out on top of both lists, essentially taking the title of best job in the world? Software Engineering.


In summary, if you’re looking for a lucrative career change this year, web development is definitely worth thinking about. It’s also a career that is globally in demand, judging by this US Web Developer salaries 2020 analysis. HyperionDev offers a 6-month part-time Online Bootcamp in Full Stack Web Development. Book a free trial now.


Editor’s note: This was post was originally published on 9 February 2018 and has been updated on 14 January 2020.