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VMG Software Successfully Hires Two HyperionDev Graduates

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Imagine being so impressed with the calibre of graduates coming out of HyperionDev that you employ two of them when you only planned on filling one position!

That’s exactly what happened when the MD of VMG Software, Alan Green, was scouting around for new talent to join their development team. 

For some background, VMG Software – VMG is an acronym for Vehicle Management Group – is a Cape Town-based software development company. They provide the independent retail motor industry of South Africa with comprehensive and easy-to-use Dealership and Workshop Management Software (DMS/WMS).

VMG’s hunt for new talent

In 2019, Alan was looking for young, recently-graduated talent to join their development team and was introduced to HyperionDev. He was instantly impressed with our brilliant level of communication and efficiency, and even more so by our carefully curated list of potential candidates. 

After some intense scrutinising, the VGM team narrowed down the original list to five strong recent graduates. HyperionDev facilitated the interviews, and although they were impressed with the level of education, VGM decided to take it a step further and put them through the grinder that is the technical test.

Putting candidates through their paces

All five candidates passed with flying colours, leaving Alan and his team with the difficult task of choosing the single graduate who would ultimately join VGM as a developer. This turned out to be an impossible task. Alan explains:

“We were only looking for one, but the calibre of talent sent to us made it difficult for us to choose a single one, so we settled on two!”

A rewarding job with a rewarding future

Three years on, and both HyperionDev graduates are still with VGM – and they’re thriving. Both have had salary increases, and they have expanded their knowledge and grown their expertise along with the company. Alan has only praise:

“I am not sure what exactly Hyperion does differently, but it shows in their output. Thank you, HyperionDev, for helping development companies like ours find the right talent for our needs. We appreciate it deeply, and we look forward to inviting new talent from HyperionDev in the months and years ahead.”

Be the next employer success story

Once a student has graduated from HyperionDev, our support does not end there. We provide all our graduates with post-bootcamp support to help them land their dream job. This includes career coaching, keeping them informed on trends in the job market, and expected salary scales. We also introduce them to industry experts, internships, projects, as well as graduate placement programmes that can further their knowledge and keep them connected. 

If you’re an employer looking to fill your technical vacancies, contact HyperionDev today, and we’ll introduce you to our latest shining stars. We have a great track record of assisting employers across the country – from Amazon and Absa to Takealot and Discovery – in finding the best candidates for their technical job openings. 

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