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What is a Software Architect?

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A software architect is a software expert who provides overall direction to a development team. The software architect is able to take a complex system and break it down into a manageable model, by identifying important requirements and constraints.

When teams are working on multiple development projects for multiple clients, it’s especially important to have a software architect in charge. The architect makes high-level design choices and puts the technical standards in place, ensuring that quality stays consistent from one project to the next.

What are the Roles & Responsibilities of a Software Architect?

Simply put, the software architect’s role is to provide full technical support for a project, guiding it from the concept stage to a fully functioning finished product. This process includes working with systems infrastructure, operating systems, databases, back-end code (Java, Python etc) and front-end code (HTML, Javascript, etc).

The software architect will be expected to:

  • Identify all project stakeholders
  • Identify the business requirements and stakeholder requirements
  • Design the system based on these requirements
  • Select appropriate architecture for the system and each individual component of the system
  • Select the appropriate technologies to implement each system component and the connections between them
  • Provide architectural review
  • Provide code review (systematic examination of source code, according to industry standards)
  • Create project documentation and support documentation
  • Create unified development standards, including software coding standards, tools and platforms

This “Career Spotlight” interview from will give you more insight into a day in the life of a software architect.

Is there a Demand for Software Architects?

Yes, software architects are very much in demand. They play a vital role in the successful delivery of projects, and help companies to establish good development practices and uphold high standards.

A software architect position is considered notoriously hard to hire for, because people with such well-rounded skill sets are in short supply. According to Indeed, “Software architects are the unicorns of the tech job market… likely because this job requires a rare combination of qualities: advanced technical skills and a high level of foresight and vision.”

Back in 2010, Money Magazine ranked software architect as “the best job in America”. With demand still outweighing supply, it continues to be a rewarding and high-earning position. estimates the average base salary for a software architect at £65,000 a year. The job is also ranked #9 among Silicon Valley’s best-paying tech positions.

What does it take to Become a Software Architect?

Software architects are full-stack developers, meaning they must be able to perform tasks at any level of the technical “stack”. If you want to become a software architect, you must have broad technical knowledge, with an understanding of multiple programming languages and platforms.


There are many courses you can take, but it’s important to choose one that’s worth the time and money you invest in it.

HyperionDev offers a certified full stack web developer bootcamp, specially designed to give you a tailored learning experience.

This six-month part-time course allows you to learn several in-demand languages:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • Node.js
  • MongoDB
  • Express
  • React
  • Python
  • Django

The bootcamps also offer industry-standard code review, which is an integral part of any software architect’s job.


Working with a mentor can also help you to develop your skills and advance faster. HyperionDev courses include support of full-time coding educators, which means you get real-life advice from experienced developers and architects.

Mentorship can help you to cultivate soft skills as well as technical skills. As a software architect, you need to work in collaboration with multiple people involved in each project. This includes clients, product managers and developers. Strong communication and interpersonal skills are a must. It’s important to cultivate good active listening skills, so that the other parties feel heard and understood.

Software architects must be willing to cooperate with others and be “team players”. They must be willing to share their knowledge and mentor others.


In the world of software, your education doesn’t stop after you receive your certificate. It’s a fast-changing field that requires a lifelong learning curve. It’s important to keep your knowledge up to date, by reading articles, journals and books recommended by other professionals in your industry.

Get Started on the Right Career Path Today

If you’re planning to become a software architect, but you’re not sure where to start, HyperionDev has some excellent options to get you those must-have qualifications. Work your way through web development essentials, back-end development, and advanced full-stack development curriculums.

With flexible learning and personalised mentorship, you’ll be able to lay the foundation for a rewarding career as a software architect.