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The Easiest Programming Languages for Coding Beginners

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With the high demands of the tech industry only expanding, one of the most effective things you can learn for a fruitful career is a programming language. 

Today’s technological environment is jam-packed with complex computational paradigms that are daunting to beginners. But, of course, some languages are easier to learn than others. And, with a bit of time and practice, certain coding languages can start to feel like second nature. 

Let’s take a look at some of the most accessible programming languages for beginner coders.


HTML is considered the simplest programming language to date and could be your best starting point when learning how to code. This language is most commonly used in web development and has a number of commands that are contained between brackets. The language’s function is based around structuring as it tells a website how to stylistically present information.

HTML is incredibly basic. While it still has a place, it’s hardly used as a primary coding language anymore. However, if you’re just getting started on your journey to code, this could be a great place to begin as you’ll receive direct and instant feedback, and a basic understanding of how coding languages work.


Coming in at a close second is CSS. If stylistic editing and front-end development are more in line with your career desires, then Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is an ideal programming language for those who wish to learn to code. 

From colour pallets and fonts to entire page layouts, CSS is used to sculpt and refine the visual aspect of a page. It also functions in conjunction with HTML to better grasp the screen display.


While this programming language is still considered relatively basic, it is among the most popular to date. In 2021, the recognised job application site saw Python crop up in over 70,000 full-time job descriptions. In fact, this popular language is even used by mega-corporations like Google and Netflix. 

With Python, you don’t need to use as many lines of code as other languages require for the expression of certain concepts. You can achieve more in less time since its function is straightforward, and the language itself consists of many well-known English words to keep you on the right path. And, to make this in-demand language all the more accessible to you, both our Software Engineering and Data Science bootcamps can help you learn Python in a matter of months.


Don’t confuse JavaScript for Java. Both are in hot demand, yet they are two distinct languages. Here’s the primary delineator between the two: JavaScript pertains to scripting needs, whereas Java pertains to programming needs. JavaScript crosses all platforms and isn’t too difficult to learn, making it one of the central pillars of the internet when it comes to programming languages. 

Since it comes pre-built in all browsers, you don’t need to download anything to start figuring out how JavaScript works. Java primarily derives from “C-language” coding and has a level of flexibility to it. It can be harnessed and utilised for both front and back end development, making it versatile and useful in a multitude of landscapes. In the professional realm, JavaScript is one of the highest-paying programming languages to hone.


Having circulated the world of programming since 1995, Java is a forefather to development while remaining a timeless tool in refining the web and expediting innovations in software. Video games, applications used on mobile devices, websites, and more are all programmed using Java

Think of it as a C++ addendum. The language makes use of objects and classes to relay commands. For beginners, Java is ideal, as it’s been on the web for a long time.

You’re Almost There

Learning a coveted programming language is only the first part of the process. Once you’ve mastered one set of coding paradigms, you will want to put that knowledge to use and design an application or website. To achieve this, you’ll have to practically refine your newly developed code, put it through its paces, and ensure its effectiveness and functionality. 

Interestingly enough, no matter the programming language you choose to learn first, it can be translated to another programming language. This just goes to show how exciting and expansive today’s web innovations are, and there is a wealth of lucrative opportunities for those willing to spend a little time and learn a coding language or two. 


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