Employee story: Melissa Gozongo – Admissions Consultant

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Work done with a sense of passion doesn’t feel like work. It’s fun. It’s inspired. It’s what sits at the core of our purpose at HyperionDev – to enable entry into a fulfilling tech career. To achieve that, we examine the strengths of every student and then recommend guidance on a course direction that best utilises their talents and interests.

That’s where a HyperionDev Admissions Consultant comes in. They guide students on how to excel and achieve their educational and career goals.

Melissa has an outstanding gift for knowing how to do precisely this – help students of all walks of life find direction that will lead to the most rewarding career outcomes possible. She understands that every student who leverages HyperionDev’s dynamic offering is a unique individual with their own goals and passions.

We asked Melissa about what moves her in working at HyperionDev and what keeps her motivated to bring every student’s dreams to life.

What do you enjoy most about working with HyperionDev? 

I enjoy working with a group of amazing individuals that are always willing to offer a helping hand, that are fun and purpose-driven.

What’s the heart and soul of your role? 

My colleagues and I enjoy helping people change their lives, and what better way to do that than through education? It’s all about getting feedback from students, all those sharing their experiences, to those landing their first job – and knowing that I had a hand in the process is gratifying!

What motivates you to come in every morning? 

It’s knowing that each day, there will be a different student with a different story to tell and I have an opportunity to help them get a step closer to achieving their goals.

Tell us a bit about your professional development whilst working with HyperionDev.

I have grown so much working as an Admissions Consultant. Each day I learn something new and I am motivated to continuously work on improving myself professionally. Thinking outside of the box and having a problem-solving mindset is what my role involves and what keeps it exciting.

Which of the 4 P’s (Purpose First, Progress Always, Problem Solving, People First) resonates with you most and why? 

People First. I am always working with the mindset of how I can help my students, how I can make the process easier for them.

How is HyperionDev different from other places you’ve worked? 

At HyperionDev, I truly believe we live our values in that each and every person knows their duties and do not need to be reminded. We work as a team and always look at ways to better ourselves while working towards one goal.

What makes you feel PROUD to work for HyperionDev? 

I am proud to work at HyperionDev because I believe in our Bootcamps and I know the entire team works towards delivering world-class service.

At HyperionDev, we’re always looking for talented professionals to join our team. Whether you’re a project management pro, a high-achieving sales executive, or someone who has a passion for teaching newcomers as they learn to code for the first time, there’s a place for you in our diverse and international team. As a HyperionDev employee, you’ll enjoy more than just fulfilling and challenging work with a fast-growing, internationally scaling start-up – we provide medical insurance, extensive remote working allowances, a generous leave policy, and real avenues for career growth, experimentation, and promotion.

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