TechHER: Celebrating Women’s Excellence in Tech

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In honour of International Women’s Day, HyperionDev proudly hosted its inaugural TechHER event on March 5th, 2024. With a mission to celebrate the remarkable achievements of women in technology, TechHER aimed to highlight the inspiring journeys of HyperionDev’s women alumni in the ever-evolving tech landscape. From personal anecdotes to professional triumphs, the event showcased the resilience, innovation, and expertise of women paving the way in the tech industry.

Meet the Panellists: Bootcamp Success Stories

At the heart of our TechHER event were the voices of remarkable women who have not only excelled in their tech careers but have also embraced unconventional paths to get there, highlighting the diverse and multifaceted nature of success in the tech industry. 

Hannah Parker, a Molecular Genetics PhD student turned professional skydiver, embraced the tech world through HyperionDev’s Data Science Bootcamp, now serving as a Tech Consultant at Ten10, inspiring others to embrace their unique journeys. Nomfundo Mazibuko, with a background in app development, brings a strong foundation in software engineering and a passion for social innovation and advocating for women in tech. Liz Chuene, transitioning from finance to tech, is mastering backend technology with Python while leveraging her multi-industry experience to excel in software development. Georgia Edwards, starting her coding journey in 2023, quickly made her mark, securing a position as a software engineer at MBDA, showcasing her expertise in web development and dedication to continuous learning.

The Future of Women in Tech: Diverse and Multifaceted Roles

One of the key themes that emerged from the discussion was the evolving nature of roles within the tech industry. Hannah highlighted the shift towards multifaceted roles, where individuals are expected to possess a diverse skill set rather than specialise in a single area. This presents an exciting opportunity for women to excel by upskilling and embracing a wide range of capabilities, making them more employable in various tech domains.

Georgia underscored the importance of organisations offering free courses and initiatives specifically tailored to upskill women in tech. Companies promoting gender diversity, like her own workplace aiming for a 30% female representation by 2030, are paving the way for more women to enter and thrive in the tech industry.

Breaking Stereotypes: Encouraging Women in Male-Dominated Spaces

The panellists also addressed lingering stereotypes in certain tech domains, urging women to challenge these perceptions and assert their presence. Liz emphasised the need for women to step into traditionally male-dominated roles, fostering confidence and empowerment. Andiswa, Career Coach Team Lead at HyperionDev, reiterated the importance of embracing one’s unique perspective, stating, “By acknowledging their value and contribution, women can confidently navigate and excel in any tech environment.”

Fostering Inclusivity and Diversity: Keys to Success

Diversity and inclusivity emerged as crucial factors in driving innovation within tech organisations. The panellists emphasised the need for companies to actively promote inclusivity by creating opportunities for women to lead and showcase their skills. “Diverse perspectives lead to better solutions and enhance overall business performance,” Hannah affirmed, echoing the sentiments of her fellow panellists.

Advice for Aspiring Women in Tech: Embrace Continuous Learning and Resilience

In closing, the panellists offered valuable advice to aspiring women in tech, stressing the importance of resilience and continuous learning. They encouraged women to build strong support networks, master core skills, and embrace the journey ahead. “Success in tech is attainable with dedication, perseverance, and a supportive community,” remarked Liz, encapsulating the collective wisdom shared during the event.

A Bright Future for Women in Tech

In conclusion, the International Women’s Month event highlighted the progress made and the opportunities ahead for women in the tech industry. By challenging stereotypes, fostering inclusivity, and empowering women to embrace continuous learning, we can create a more diverse, innovative, and inclusive tech ecosystem for all.

In light of the challenges facing women in the tech industry, HyperionDev’s bootcamps offer a beacon of hope. With courses designed to bridge the skills gap and empower individuals from diverse backgrounds, HyperionDev is committed to fostering inclusivity and diversity in tech. The success stories shared by our esteemed panellists at the TechHER event stand as a testament to the transformative impact of our bootcamps in opening doors to thriving tech careers for women. Join us in shaping a more equitable and innovative future in technology.