7 Critical Tips to Learn Programming Faster

Programming and coding is one of the most desirable skills out there, as it can help you get a great job, in a difficult job market. However, getting started in programming can be intimidating and potentially stressful. Here are a couple of different ways to quickly and effectively learn how to program.

Know the Terminology

When you are getting started with programming, there are a lot of terms and phrases to learn. That is partially why learning to program seems intimidating, but the quicker you learn the terms, the better off you will be. For example, while most individuals won’t know what it means for a tool to accept logs from any Node.js app, you will need to know that and many other terms to become proficient.

Practice, Practice, Practice

While reading, watching videos and taking classes is awesome, in order to learn to program quickly, you need to practice. You should be putting in a lot of time every week towards programming, even if you are running into a lot of issues. Trial and error wil be used at times, and it will get frustrating, but the more you practice, the better you will get.

Utilize the Fundamentals

While the fundamentals might seem overly simple or obvious, they are still incredibly important to know and use. Without the fundamentals, it will be difficult to learn and use the more advanced concepts. If you rush through learning the basics, you may pay for it later in your development as a programmer. If you work hard to understand the fundamentals, it will be simpler to learn the more complex things.

Don’t Be Scared to Ask for Help

Learning to program can be a painstaking process and it can be hard to get out of any rut that you find yourself in. However, instead of spending hours trying to solve a problem that you may never be able to, why not ask for help? There are several different individuals, forums and message boards that are full of people willing to help you with your programming-related problems.

Watch Tutorials

Reading about how to do things or teaching yourself are suitable, but sometimes, it’s easier to watch. Watching tutorials will let you visually see how someone is doing something, which will let you replicate that, and most of the time, they will also talk you through it. This almost feels like you are working on the problem or issue together, instead of tackling it alone. There are thousands of coding tutorials on YouTube, so there is a good chance you will be able to find what you need.

Use Games

Learning to code through trial and error or watching tutorials can definitely work, but they aren’t the most engaging methods. If you find yourself being bored or unable to stay motivated and engaged when learning to code, you might want to look into using a game. There are several online games out there that will help you learn coding and programming, while having fun at the same time. Many of the games also have different “levels” for those who are just learning, or someone who knows a little more.

Don’t Rush Yourself

When learning something new, the very last thing you want to do is rush yourself or give yourself specific deadlines. If you force yourself to rush, you might miss specific steps and not do as well a job as you should. Sure, you will have deadlines and requirements if you code or program for your job, but when you are just learning, feel free to take your time and truly understand what you’re doing.


In conclusion, we hope that the tips included in this article can help you learn to program and reach your goals, whether it is just learning a new hobby or getting a job.

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