Student Success Story: Hope Kodisang

Student Success Story: Hope Kodisang’s Career Growth Journey with HyperionDev’s Software Engineering Bootcamp

Meet Hope Kodisang, a Junior Front End Developer from Johannesburg. Hope recently embarked on a transformative journey with HyperionDev’s Software Engineering Bootcamp, which not only honed his existing coding skills but also propelled his career to new heights. Let’s …

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Student Success Story: Emmanuel Mpwanga

Student Success Story: Emmanuel Mpwanga – From High School Graduate to Learner Assistant at edX/2U

Meet Emmanuel Mpwanga, currently based in Springs, South Africa, who embarked on a coding journey with HyperionDev’s Software Engineer Bootcamp. Emmanuel shares his experience and journey transitioning from a high school graduate to a learner assistant at edX/2U, showcasing the …

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