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How to Handle Ethics Issues When You’re Starting Off in Software Developmen

ethical issues in software development

Progress brings complexity. Think about the introduction of cars – yes, faster and more efficient travel time, but what about pollution and car accidents? Because software development proceeds at such a rate, there are many ethical issues, some more complicated than others, that arise over time. This piece will mention a number of key ethical […]

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Which are the Top Coding Languages used by Today’s Tech Giants?

Top coding languages

Choosing which programming language to learn is an important starting point for developers who want to build a career in what has become one of the most lucrative and growing industries in the world. The top coding languages used by the world’s tech giants include Java, Python, C, C++, Objective-C and Swift. Today’s tech companies […]

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A Developer Portfolio: What it Is and How To Get One

Developer portfolio

One vital lesson that budding developers learn (sometimes to their horror) when they graduate and start looking for a job, is that experience means just as much as employment history. Because so many developers are learning the craft at bootcamps and short courses rather than through university degrees, the industry has become more accessible than […]

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Smaller Cities Provide More Opportunity for Software Developers

smaller cities provide more opportunity for software developers

When you decide to become a software developer, there are many things to think about: what languages to learn, whether to freelance or get a full-time job, and what starting salary you should accept, etc. But what about where you should live? Places like Silicon Valley or Manhattan might spring to mind, but it’s possible […]

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