web development

Student Spotlight: Kwanele Ndenze – Full Stack Web Development student

In this student spotlight, we introduce you to Full Stack Web Developer bootcamp student Kwanele Ndenze, who recently won a bursary to learn to code at HyperionDev. Already hard at work on his bootcamp, Kwanele hopes to learn skills that will unlock his full career potential, give him an exciting career, and allow him to be his own boss.

Kwanele Ndenze knew that he wanted to learn to code. While looking for jobs that would bring him a bright future,

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data scientist

Student spotlight: Monique van Zyl – Data Scientist bootcamp student

In this student spotlight, we asked a few questions to Data Scientist bootcamp student Monique van Zyl, and her journey through not one but two of our HyperionDev coding bootcamps. She hoped our bootcamp would help her to switch careers – what she didn’t know is that it would be the start of a newfound passion for programming.

In the past year, it has been made abundantly clear to all of us that tech skills are essential for growing your

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