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Meet your dedicated HyperionDev mentorship team

Personal mentorship is what makes our beginner-friendly coding bootcamps so successful. Our mentors are there every step of the way to make sure you’re learning to code the way professionals do. We asked our HyperionDev mentorship team a few questions so that you could get to know them a little better.

HyperionDev has been a leader in the tech education space for a number of years, providing over 100,000 registered students with practical, high-quality coding skills. If there’s anything that this time and experience has shown us, it’s this: learning is

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hyperiondev employee

HyperionDev employee stories: Junke Schoeman

A team can only be the best if it has everything it needs to excel – and a big part of meeting those needs is the tireless organisational work done by our PeopleOps division. Junke Schoeman, the PeopleOps manager, is the person who empowers everyone’s work by making sure they have what they need to work, are trained and on-boarded well, and have any issues resolved in unbeatable time. We asked her about her background and what it takes to do her job.

A company, team, or bootcamp can’t be the best if it’s not working smoothly. Work stress, job equipment, dispute resolution, and help resolving issues – these issues are all just as critical to your team being an A-team as them

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hyperiondev employee

HyperionDev employee stories: Mitso Qalaba

Our award-winning coding bootcamps depend on reliable systems to successfully teach thousands of students how to code. Today’s HyperionDev employee story focuses on the newest member of the team that makes those systems work: Mitso Qalaba. As a Front-end Developer, Mitso makes sure that our bootcamps, website, and internal systems are running optimally.

Our bootcamps rely on more than just amazing mentors, up-to-date educational material,  and expert code review to help students graduate as job-ready developers. They also need a stable online learning platform, a responsive and functioning website, and reliable internal systems.

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choosing an employer

6 Key Considerations When Choosing an Employer

Navigating how different employers approach work can be difficult. Considering these 6 factors when getting to know a potential employer, can make the journey more manageable.

Our society has reached a time where employers can differ like night and day. We have suits versus flip flops, bean bags versus office chairs, a two minute walk to our home desk versus an hour commute to an office,

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