basic coding

4 things you can do with basic coding right now

Coding can seem confusing and complicated. However, with just a few bare essentials of basic coding, there’s actually a lot of cool, powerful, and useful things you can do right now. We share 4 tricks of basic coding you can do right now here.

Programming. Just the word triggers images of floating VR graphics, walls of Matrix-style cascading symbols, and tech wizards talking in jargon to one another. However, coding is a lot more straightforward than it seems: at its heart, it’s just using

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data scientist

Student spotlight: Monique van Zyl – Data Scientist bootcamp student

In this student spotlight, we asked a few questions to Data Scientist bootcamp student Monique van Zyl, and her journey through not one but two of our HyperionDev coding bootcamps. She hoped our bootcamp would help her to switch careers – what she didn’t know is that it would be the start of a newfound passion for programming.

In the past year, it has been made abundantly clear to all of us that tech skills are essential for growing your career and opening up new job opportunities. One person who quickly realised the importance of learning 21st-century tech

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hyperiondev employee

HyperionDev employee stories: Dayle Klinkhamer

Our mentors’ expertise and care for their students are what make our bootcamps excel and stand out. Today’s HyperionDev employee story shines a light on the newest member of our mentorship team: Dayle Klinkhamer. A graduate from HyperionDev’s software engineer bootcamp, Dayle’s familiarity with the program and fantastic work ethic help students overcome the challenge of learning to code and become job-ready developers.

Our bootcamps stand out because of the personal, expert mentorship that every student gets. Our mentors aren’t just better than bots at helping students to learn how to code; they also bring their personal experience and insights to help students

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