HyperionDev Mentor

Meet your dedicated HyperionDev mentorship team

Personal mentorship is what makes our beginner-friendly coding bootcamps so successful. Our mentors are there every step of the way to make sure you’re learning to code the way professionals do. We asked our HyperionDev mentorship team a few questions so that you could get to know them a little better.

HyperionDev has been a leader in the tech education space for a number of years, providing over 100,000 registered students with practical, high-quality coding skills. If there’s anything that this time and experience has shown us, it’s this: learning is

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Web Development: A Journey of Continuous Learning

HyperionDev alumnus Connor Gladwin shares experiences from his own journey as a web developer as well as his personal tips on how to keep your skills sharp in the ever-evolving world of coding.

As a web developer, you never stop learning. There are always new languages and competencies to be mastered.  HyperionDev alumnus, Connor Gladwin, shares experiences and learnings from his own journey in web development, as well as his thoughts on why

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Hyperiondev accreditation

HyperionDev’s new bootcamp accreditation, and what it means for you

We’re constantly expanding our coding bootcamps’ accreditation, certification, and industry recognition. Here’s how our new accreditation for all our bootcamps will work, and what it means for you.

In an education landscape packed with countless universities, short courses, distance-learning programs, and online colleges, we believe that the main goal of modern education should be teaching a transferable, practical skill set that allows students to find and do fulfilling

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coding glossary of terms

HyperionDev Glossary of Coding Terms

Coding isn’t easy, especially when you’re new to it and don’t know the hundreds of complex terminologies and jargon terms used in developer circles. In this coding glossary of terms, we explore and define the most common coding words, phrases, and acronyms that you’ll encounter.

Coding isn’t easy, especially when you’re totally new to it. It’s made even harder by technical terms, acronyms, and industry jargon that you’ve never come across before. That is why we decided to put together a cheatsheet for you. With

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hyperiondev employee

HyperionDev employee stories: Junke Schoeman

A team can only be the best if it has everything it needs to excel – and a big part of meeting those needs is the tireless organisational work done by our PeopleOps division. Junke Schoeman, the PeopleOps manager, is the person who empowers everyone’s work by making sure they have what they need to work, are trained and on-boarded well, and have any issues resolved in unbeatable time. We asked her about her background and what it takes to do her job.

A company, team, or bootcamp can’t be the best if it’s not working smoothly. Work stress, job equipment, dispute resolution, and help resolving issues – these issues are all just as critical to your team being an A-team as them

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part-time developer

Lolontle Moatshe: How to stay motivated as a part-time developer

Doing developer work and staying motivated in developing your career and technical skills can be hard, especially when deadlines are tight and code needs writing. HyperionDev alumnus Lolontle Moatshe shares his fresh perspective on staying motivated in your coding education and career.

Staying motivated as a part-time developer is a difficult thing. Your motivation to continue to learn coding comes and goes, especially when the daily challenges of modern life get in the way. Managing your time, passion, and love for the

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